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18 Mar

In the US, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela, users can now sign up with a phone number, name, and photo alone.Messenger's becoming an increasingly important product for Facebook.Facebook mobile product manager Peter Deng will formally reveal the update on stage at Le Web later today.When non-Facebook users sign up, the app will suck in their contacts.Making product available to non-users is a bold but humble move for the company.It shows Facebook accepts that not everyone wants an account on its social network, but that it still hopes to provide those who do with the maximum utility.Make friends, watch amateur videos and participate in LIVE webcam sex chats. My second visit to the Upper Ica (mentoring village, wiring) began with a visit to the library of the truck body, with a backpack on his shoulder, right into the woods and in the familiar door.

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If Facebook did end up acquiring a messaging app, it could potentially be operated independently as a paid, customizable counterpart to Messenger.

That’s an easy sell to skeptics and cynics because it can help them avoid SMS charges.

Once they’ve seen the value in Messenger, people might be willing to take the plunge and get an account.

It’s designed for these old phones, and they don’t take advantage of the location features, the touch screen, the picture taking that today’s phones have and that’s why we invested in it.” He also mentioned non-Facebook Messenger is coming to feature phones, too.

Today’s announcement is Facebook’s latest shot in the war to control messaging in the post-SMS era that it’s fighting with Apple and Google.