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22 Apr

Take the case of Thorlaug Agustsdottir, a woman from Iceland who got into an online disagreement in late 2011 with a user of a Facebook group called "Men are better than women." Soon, a new picture had been added to the page: Agustsdottir's face, Photoshopped to look beaten and bloody, on the body of another woman.Agustsdottir immediately reported the issue to Facebook, but was told the image "does not violate Facebook’s Community Standards on hate speech, which includes posts or photos that attack a person based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or medical condition.” It wasn't until Agustsdottir took her story to the media that Facebook removed the photo and apologized for the mistake.hen Vanessa* found a Facebook group dedicated to horror and fantasy movies a couple of months ago, she was thrilled to discuss her favorite topic with nearly 5,000 people who shared her enthusiasm.But one day not long after, she noticed that a thread had gotten off topic.Earlier this year, gaming vlogger Anita Sarkeesian -- who calls out sexism in the video game industry on her Kickstarter and her site, Feminist Frequency -- was forced to leave her home after the rape and death threats became too much to handle. The Pew Research Center has found that women are more likely than men to be tormented on the Internet, with about one in four women between the ages of 18 and 24 reporting being stalked or sexually harassed online -- rates two to three times higher than among men of the same age.Then there was Caroline Criado-Perez, who dared to suggest a female face appear on English currency, and Shaunna Lane, who was a victim of revenge porn. Men were slightly more likely than women to report online harassment, but they usually experienced less severe forms of it.We've built industry leading technical and human systems to encourage people using Facebook to report violations of our terms, and we have developed sophisticated tools to help our teams evaluate the reports we receive.

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And even with clear policies against trolling, a site can still mess up.The post was taken down immediately, but Vanessa was understandably shaken."I didn't sleep the entire night," she told The Huffington Post in an email.It was a new account, but clearly the same individual was behind it.The poster stated that he or she had multiple accounts and wouldn't stop, telling Vanessa that he or she would go after her mother next.