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In 2000, he was recognized as Accredited in Business Valuation by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.He has been accepted as an expert witness in several jurisdictions and has served in various appointments as an arbitrator, trustee, and expert for the court.It is also almost identical to the 7.63mm Mannlicher Pistol cartridge, Model of 1896.The Borchardt was sold in the United States for .00 – that price included a wooden shoulder stock with detachable cheekpiece, leather holster, 3 spare magazines, a wooden dummy magazine which included tools, ramrod and oiler and an instruction manual.There is no country however small or insignificant in which that name, or its foreign counterpart, Parabellum, is unfamiliar.To make the statement that it is the world’s finest, most accurate, well designed or generally the “best” pistol would merely be expressing an opinion, but what are the reasons for its popularity?Borchardt was a mechanical genius of some note, for he not only entered the inventing profession at an early age but also developed many diversified types of mechanical devices. Westcott, President and Treasurer of The Sharps Rifle Co.The earliest record we have of Borchardt, as applied to the weapons field, is a letter written in his own hand to Mr. of Hartford, Conn., dated March 18, 1875, when Borchardt was applying for the position of Superintendent of that company:“I took the superintendency of a shop in the worst condition at Trenton (New Jersey), designed the tools and finished a contract for 5,000 guns to the entire satisfaction of the Co. Meecham, who was treasurer of The Pioneer Breechloading Arms Co., hesitated at first in placing confidence in me, owing very likely to my age, I was 24 years old. I afterwards had a foremanship in Singer (Sewing Machine Co.?

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This cartridge was the forerunner of (and interchangeable with) the well known caliber 30 (7.63mm) Mauser round.

The next we hear of Herr Luger is in the year 1894 when he is once again exhibiting a new weapon before the United States Naval Ordnance Board.

That new design was a semi-automatic pistol named after its creator, Borchardt!

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