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10 May

It's not like a cock where you just rub it and cum flies out. Don't just dive headlong into her puss and start chomping. Then switch over to her other thigh and go back up. Vickie's going down soon, and I want to be ready." "Ok. Well, every woman and every situation is different, of course. then divert at the last moment and go down one of her thighs. you know, mix it up a bit, kiss her here, there, so she doesn't know where you're going, exactly. For a great orgasm, you've got to involve the whole pussy." "Ok," I interrupted. But that's not exactly revenge." Michele giggled. She and I went to the magician's shop downtown to buy those handcuffs she uses on you..." "Huh? you're not, like, disgusted or anything about me? Vanessa went with her mom to visit their Gran." "Wonder what she'll say. because...." "Go ahead, say what you need to say, David." "Alright fine. and she's jacking me off now and that's fantastic and I don't want it to end..." Michele put her hand on mine. There's almost nothing you could do to make her stop loving you.

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I mean, yeah, she's apparently trying to make a man out of me, which I appreciate, but she's also doing this dominant thing on me and I'm not liking it so much. But wouldn't it be much better to do something to pay her back for all the humiliation she's caused me? Do it when she's sober so she'll remember it forever? I had a semi going and it seemed like a good time to at least leave her a message of 'hey, you don't know what's coming next'. and I forced her to say she wanted to eat out her mom... I leaned on the bed and shot load after load of hot cum on my sister's tits...

And I want it to be great and I don't want to fumble around and mess up..." "David, you are such a good guy.

Assuming you've done other foreplay, start with her stomach. One thing I like, is to look me in the eye once in awhile while you're doing this.

There's a button on there to press and they release." Very interesting... do you think I could borrow a set of your REAL handcuffs?

I'll talk her into cuffing her with her handcuffs that she thinks are trick, but they'll be real ones, instead.