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28 Dec

She then proceeded to tell me it was against FAA regulations. And she then laid down a whopper on me saying that they don’t make up FAA regulations. After sitting down and putting my camera away the Purser came by to have another talk with me.

* * * This story will die down in the next few days, but before it disappears I am convinced we need to have a frank national discussion on the use of so-called “taboo” words onboard airplanes.

Having said that, United must now earn my trust back.NBC News has independently confirmed that other passengers have corroborated my story.Here’s some of the words from others on my flight– I was actually on this exact flight in the Business First cabin of UA904 (sitting in one of the first few rows right by the galley) and witnessed most of the incident.She said something to the effect of “There is a customer in the back of the cabin taking pictures of us while we work.” She then disappeared for a while (presumably to go talk to the captain?) and I actually didn’t think much of it…I’m actually shocked to read what ultimately transpired and see the actual photo.