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13 Apr

It’s also important to note that the majority of messaging app users are young.And typically, Millennials expect on-demand information. Because they’re entering the workforce at an increasing rate, it is important to accommodate their communication preferences.Before we dig into the specifics of how chatbots can help with HR, let’s take a look at messaging apps, how they’re used, and their capabilities.First, let’s cover why communication is shifting to messaging apps and chatbots in order to better understand why they should be considered for onboarding and training.From hiring to onboarding, these are some ways that chatbots can help to automate HR functions.Chatbots are helping make the application process more transparent.

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Theoretically, the bot gets smarter as it interacts with more people and learns new things, which opens up some fascinating instructional avenues to explore.Especially in retail, where store associates tend to be of a younger demographic.Other Millennial expectations include: All these increasing expectations and demands on HR only strengthen the case for automating some basics of the onboarding process.But what about using chatbots to improve the employee experience?This kind of artificial intelligence (AI) is already saving employers big bucks.