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03 Jan

If You would like to access these features, You will need to register.(b) To register You must be between the age of 12 and 24.On this page, You may follow the visual and text prompts to: (1) chat to a counsellor online; (2) get a contact number to phone a counsellor; (3) email a counsellor; and (4) if You have Full Access, request an appointment with a counsellor.(a) Personal Counselling Sessions are provided by health professionals.(b) In Your Dashboard, You can follow the visual and text prompts to: (1) contact a counsellor; (2) follow the links to watch a webinar; (3) if You have Read and Post to Forums Access or Full Access, chat online with other users on Our forums; and (4) if You are over 18 and have Read and Post to Forums Access or Full Access, access and use Your mailbox to send messages to other users (Private Messaging).(c) On the ‘Connect with peers’ page, You can access Our blogs and forums and: (1) read blogs; and (2) if You have Read and Post to Forums Access or Full Access, post comments.(b) This document sets out the terms and conditions (Terms) on which you (You) may access and use the Website.These Terms apply in addition to any other terms and conditions to which You are subject in relation to the Website, including: (1) the Can Teen website at (2) the privacy policy at (Privacy Policy); and (3) any relevant third party terms and conditions, (collectively, Other Terms).

(e) You warrant to Us that You have the authority to enter into an agreement with Us on these Terms.

(b) In the event that the Website stops working and We are in the middle of a Personal Counselling Session with You, We ask that You phone 1800 835 932 (1800 Tel Web) to continue the session.

(c) You acknowledge that the advice that We provide during the Personal Counselling Sessions will be reliant on, and based on, the information that You provide to Us.

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