Fresh and hardened properties of self consolidating concrete gridview itemupdating

09 Dec

The modeled mixture parameters included the binder content, binder type, water-to-cementitious materials ratio, sand-to-total aggregate ratio (), and dosage of thickening-type viscosity-modifying admixture.These concrete wall systems helped reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by about 62 percent compared to a house of comparable size in the same climate.The total volume of rubber chips are replaced in coarse aggregate i.e. To obtain fresh properties in SCRC the slump, T500, J-Ring, V-Funnel, L-Box and U-Box tests are conducted whereas for hardened properties the Compressive, Flexural and Split Tensile tests are conducted.

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This form of concrete provides a sustainable alternative which assists in minimising the environmental damages associated with the disposal of waste tyres.Hence, the research efforts are focussed to use this waste advantageously by understanding the performance and durability characteristics of rubberized concrete.The present study is carried out an experimental investigation on fresh and hardened properties of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) containing waste tyre rubber.It decreases the hardened properties such as compressive strength and durability.However, the different viscosity agents can provide appropriate results for RSCC containing the same rubber aggregate (RA) content and the hardened properties of RSCC are better than the properties of ordinary concrete even if they are lower than the ones of SCC.