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16 Dec

I'm exceptionally grateful for how hospitable Chicagoans have been to me, inviting me into their home. And that's not something any of us should feel shame over, but instead we should be celebrating and educating ourselves about, and embracing with an attitude of positivity.I think we both have a lot we can learn from each other. "That connection is a much greater rejection to the spouse, and it's a much harder thing to heal in a relationship because the emotions have left the marriage and gone into the hands of someone else."Rosenberg concurred.

It's an attitude that sexuality, in its many forms, is an innate part of who we are as humans.While back home not everyone agrees with each other's views, there is a prevailing sense of "looking forward" -- that marijuana will be legalized, that healthcare is a right, that marriage should be accessible to all.How and when all that may happen is up for debate -- but generally we all agree that the status quo is never something upon which our ethics should be rooted. I definitely embrace sex-positivity." As it turned out, sex-positivity was a term these women had never heard.In my short time here, I've learned how to make friends fast -- frequently going out to bars and approaching groups of strangers. I was a bit taken aback; sex-positivity was one of those words that it seemed everyone in San Francisco knew.I favor an earnest introduction, which always carries with it a necessary amount of awkwardness, but that typically subsides, particularly when people find out I'm "not from around here." Recently, I approached two women and we began talking. One of those words we learned in our first gender studies course at Berkeley.