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22 Jan

In reaction to the rising popularity of rock and roll, Preservation Hall was opened up in 1961.

It was a way for the origins of Jazz to be heard by the thousands of tourists that arrived in New Orleans a year. The building that contains the bar dates back to 1791.

From 1700’s to 1880, the street was a mostly residential street.

Some of the same influential Creole families own properties there today.

Admission is for Adults and for Children, Students, Seniors, and Military. The Ursuline nuns sold off their land in 1825 and James Lambert designed the Creole Greek Revival property in 1826. It also briefly served as housing for Confederate troops during the Civil War, until the occupation of Federal Forces in 1862.

Signature drinks on this street are Hand Grenades and Hurricanes. Be careful in the restrooms, as they are said to be haunted.Peychaud’s Bitters is the definitive component of the Sazerac cocktail.You may be interested in our guide to cocktails in New Orleans.This is the best way to walk in the quarter as you can walk in and out of the exclusive Royal Street Art Galleries and listen to street musicians play New Orleans classics. Look to the right at the statue of Jesus with upstretched arms.During football season local refer to this statue as “Touchdown Jesus”.