Groupwise updating quickfinder indexes updating my garmin gps

13 Feb

I really don't know how long it took to return a (0) after each user (I guess I could check out the log).

If the numbers continue to decrease and get to zero, you've resolved the problem."Innovative Solutions for Group Wise" never knew what that number meant - thanks!Now that I know that, I think it may be my problem as well.I couldn't find much on what \ that means, or what to do about it.I tracked one of the items down that was in my \ mailbox - it was a Word document, and I was able to pull it up and view it and such - \ don't know why QF barfed on it. I'm sure there are participants in this list who have better ideas, but we solved it by running the Quick Finder Index process on the POA continuously over a Saturday and Sunday.