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04 Dec

Women, by and large, are slightly happier than men.But they are also more susceptible to depression: a fifth to a quarter of women experience depression at some point in their lives, compared with around a tenth of men.The second is something like: yesterday, did you feel happy/contented/angry/anxious?The first sort of question is said to measure global well-being, and the second hedonic or emotional well-being.

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They pointed out that Mr Townshend, having passed his 60th birthday, was writing a blog that glowed with good humour.

In 2008 France's president, Nicolas Sarkozy, asked two Nobel-prize-winning economists, Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz, to come up with a broader measure of national contentedness than GDP.

Then last month, in a touchy-feely gesture not typical of Britain, David Cameron announced that the British government would start collecting figures on well-being.

“We ran a conference about it, but nobody came.” Since then, interest in the U-bend has been growing.

Its effect on happiness is significant—about half as much, from the nadir of middle age to the elderly peak, as that of unemployment. David Blanchflower, professor of economics at Dartmouth College, and Mr Oswald looked at the figures for 72 countries.