Intimidating song

03 Feb

While the rest of us will never be able to top those moves, we might as well try.

Darude, “Sandstorm” We all want to get our faces on the Jumbotron.

We chased him for months, and in news that was music to my ears, we got word he was keen to Take 5.

I hope you love this conversation as much as I did.

He briefly checks in on America’s condition (The whole world goin' mad / Bodies is adding up, market's about to crash / Niggas is fake rich, bitches is fake bad / Blacks that act white, Whites that do the dab / Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel, punk”) finding it in even worse shape than how he painted it on He doesn’t call people out as directly as on the infamous ‘Control’ but it’s very reminiscent of the track, and Kendrick is keen to establish that he’s not just back on the scene, he’s returned to reign over it.

intimidating song-39

His legacy in song in unparalleled; starting with The Beatles, who changed the game forever, he rolled on with his own solo career while building a new band in Wings and collaborating with everyone from Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder and Kanye West.

Guns N’ Roses, “Welcome To The Jungle” If Axl is going to take his sweet, sweet time with a new album, the least we can do is honor one of his band’s greatest hits at the start of every game.

AC/DC, “Thunderstruck” We wouldn’t advise taking a drink every time the word “thunder” is uttered, but if you feel like being adventurous…

Survivor, “Eye Of The Tiger” The metaphor that would inspire Katy and motivate Rocky to climb that final step at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This may seem silly to ask now, but what is so special about a tiger’s peepers?