Intimidating song

03 Feb

THE CLASSICS The Rolling Stones, “Start Me Up” Lots of people love sports, and large groups of (sometimes) drunk fans need to be told what to do.This is as good a way as ever (unless you’re one of the Black Eyed Peas)."Out of Nowhere" is a popular song composed by Johnny Green with lyrics by Edward Heyman.It was the first recording by Bing Crosby under his Brunswick Records contract.Neil Diamond, “Sweet Caroline” (Boston Red Sox) Diamond hails from Brooklyn, but for some reason or another, Fenway Park sound engineers chose this track as their seat-clearing, stadium sing-along soundtrack.It’s so fun it makes us almost want to be Red Sox fans. Drake, “Tony Montana” (San Francisco 49ers) The 49ers kickoff squad adopted the 2011 hit as their unofficial warmup jam.Thanks to many sports references that borrow from ’80s icons and American hero, Muhammad Ali, Katy Perry’s “Roar” is poised to become a perfect fit blasting out of the speakers of 50,000-plus-seat arenas this fall.

His team of choice adopted the song in 2009, and ran with it all the way to their 27th World Series title.While the rest of us will never be able to top those moves, we might as well try.Darude, “Sandstorm” We all want to get our faces on the Jumbotron.So it only made sense that the Atlanta rapper flew out to the Bay to perform the song not once but twice during their playoff run.The Head-Scratchers The White Stripes, “Seven Nation Army” We feel confident saying Jack White by no means intended for his 2003 track to become beloved in arenas around the country, but the relentless, thumping guitar makes it hard not to stomp along to.