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20 Apr

Second: why did you laugh when a moron caller called in saying that he WAS going to make a religion (as if he knew the future) based on shrooms and listening to Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd and the Beatles, and that he wasn’t going to include doctrine because it was creepy.You laughed and said “really” in agreement, but then after the host, Rob Simone mentioned recreational drug use, contradicted your arbitrary hatred by then saying that recreational drug usage, which you implied was bad, was bad because it was devoid of religion which it had been stripped of?Only someone stupid and deluded who after CAREFULLY examining the evidence for these prophecies would deny that they are true. More Information: The Shroud of Turin (This site is very extensive).And why wouldn’t you believe being that you believe in magic and religion? Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Volume 1: Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith arbitrary arguments against Christianity, arbitrary arguments against the Bible, arguments against Jan Irvin, Christianity, Christianity mushroom theory, Christianity's pagan roots, coast to coast am, December 2011, December 29, fake historians, fake scholars, fake scientists, false teachers, holly berries, holly tree, hypocrite scholars, hypocritical arguments, hypocritical arguments against Christianity, hypocritical arguments against Christians, hypocritical arguments against the Bible, Jan Irvin, Jan Irvin confused, Jan Irvin controversy, Jan Irvin dumb, Jan Irvin fake, Jan Irvin false scholar, Jan Irvin hack historian, Jan Irvin hoax, Jan Irvin hypocrite, Jan Irvin idiot, Jan Irvin moron, Jan Irvin mushroom theory, Jan Irvin nonsense, Jan Irvin refuted, Jan Irvin retarded, Jan Irvin scam, Jan Irvin scam artist, Jan Irvin scammer, Jan Irvin stupid, Jan Irvin Wikipedia, Judaism, mushroom theory, mushroom theory Christianity, mushrooms, psychadelic mushroom theory, psychedelic mushrooms Christianity, recreational drug use, shamanism, shamans and Christianity, shamans and priests, shrooms, shroud of turin, stupid myths about Christianity, stupid myths about the Bible, They Holy Mushroom, thus the advent of our lord jesus christ The narcissist prizes attention, the psychopath is a sadist, the addict cares only for comfort and pleasure.You seem to believe it’s just the gospels and a few historical references to him: NO IT’S NOT.And you really think that one many can disprove thousands of years of scholars and the hundred thousand archeologists and theologians living today?Using that logic, his claim that mushrooms are behind Judaism and Christianity is also a myth, a lie, made up, because there is only very little tenuous highly subjective evidence that mushrooms are behind these religions. just like that supposedly hidden comment about Jesus being born on a day of other deities? JAN: GIORGIO TSOUKALOUS HAS BEEN A REPEAT GUEST ON COAST TO COAST AM AND ENDORSED BY GEORGE NOORY, ART BELL AND GEORGE KNAPP, all of whom are hosts of the show.

When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” I have a question for you Jan: If Christianity was based on Shamanism and mushrooms, why does Christianity, all the way back to when it was supposedly “Judaism” (which is a myth that you perpetuate), why then does it forbid magic?

THE OWNESS IS ON YOU, not the other way around, because hundreds of millions of people who’ve died promoting real evidence for Christ and hundreds of millions more who are living who promote the same and more outnumber your “many” fake scholars.

And this man you say who went through the proof for Christ by going through it “line by line” (and Christians don’t go through the Bible line by line, or arbitrary arguments from morons like you – I’ve been through 500 of them Jan, I wrote them down, no matter how stupid and grammatically nonsensical), Jan: the entire Bible is evidence for Christ, he endorsed it all, it’s not just “the gospels” as you seem to believe.

The evidence is the entire Bible and all the historical references to him outside the Bible, and the archeological evidence, and the prophecies that have come true, and the experiences of all those who have been saved by him, and the miracles that still occur today. There are more scholars in opposition to yours, real scholars of Biblical archeology, real scholars of the Shroud of Turin, real theologians, who don’t get high on drugs as a main method of learning the truth, who stay in their right mind and don’t rely on false visions and hallucinations, yet you act like because you merely say “many” that that is proof enough.

Haven’t you ever heard of “Evidence That Demands a Verdict”? The Bible says not to be filled with wine, but with the Spirit, not “mushrooms”.