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05 May

Your add-in can handle the following list item events.To change the events that the remote event receiver handles, open Solution Explorer, open the Properties window for the remote event receiver, expand the Share Point Events node, and then set only the events that you want to handle to True.The add-in doesn't even have to have an add-in web.There are three add-in events as described in the next sections.Share Point-hosted Share Point Add-ins do not support event handling, but you can turn a workflow into a kind of list or list item event handler by setting an event to trigger the workflow.

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To handle list and list item events, you create remote event receivers (RERs), which are web services that run externally to the Share Point farm or Share Point Online.

Like the App Installed event, it is an after event, but is essentially synchronous, and it is a best practice to catch errors and notify Share Point to roll back the update.

Some examples of what a handler for this event can do: For detailed instructions about creating add-in event handlers, see Create an add-in event receiver in Share Point Add-ins.

Here's what your handler usually has to do: Note The preceding points apply to the App Uninstalling event as much as to the other two add-in events.

For example, if your handler for the uninstalling event deletes a row in a remote database, and then encounters an error, the row needs to be restored.