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20 Apr

But he came home a different man, so different that he and wife Heather separated. “The military is the setting through which we tell a story about what it means to fight hard for the vows you make on that day you stand before God and before your community and you say, ‘I will love you until the day I die.’”​So here we have a film with April Kepner, the man she left at the altar, the man who delivered her baby, and the woman whose baby she saved. Army Chaplain Darren Turner, a decorated Iraqi war vet who comes home to an unexpected emotional struggle that threatens his marriage, his family and his faith,” as The real-life Darren started his tour of duty in 2007, serving as a battlefield chaplain in Iraq for 15 months before returning home.During the time, Bruening also made a guest appearance on Hope & Faith and 3 lbs.He made his film debut in 2006, playing a supporting role in the offbeat comedy Fat Girls. [Jul 23, 2007] News Archive: Bruening, Havins welcome their first child.[Aug 11, 2010] News Archive: Bruening, Havins headed back to Pine Valley.Originally intending to audition for the character of J. Chandler (which was later snagged by Jason Young), he was instead cast as Jamie Martin in the long-running soap.

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Soon there after, came his first modeling job in Abercrombie & Fitch commercial. Bruening began to study acting and was noticed by the casting director at All My Children. When not on set, he enjoys playing the bounty of home video games.

Their similar morals and mutual respect made for an adorable love story, especially Matthew's flashmob proposal in the hospital.

But through it all, April and Jackson's feelings lay just below the surface.

On one hand, she may have still been happily married to the paramedic, rather than divorced.

Then again, her relationship with Jackson ultimately brought them their daughter, Harriet.