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04 Feb

filmindia‘s three columns, Bombay Calling, You’ll Hardly Believe That…

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Today’s columns, pale shadows of their glorious antecedents, have diluted, planted or stale contents passing off as ‘gossip’.

More often than not, Frankly Speaking allowed its witty maker to get away with murder.

Regardless of what one makes of Devi’s venom (she once said Anil Kapoor looks like “an ordinary pickpocket”) and Kaka obsession, there’s no denying her influence on the Indian gossip column.

She wrote about how he serviced two to three starlets every day in the studios before he returned home to do his ‘home work’ on his wife’s bed…” the equally-irreverent Khushwant Singh wrote in his book, Women and Men in my Life.

That Devi claimed to have been chased by the actor at a rally is well-known.