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13 Mar

Open platforms invite controversy by their nature, giving voice to groups who want to challenge cultural or legal principles.Sites like Napster kickstarted illicit music-sharing in the early 2000s, but The Pirate Bay, launched by a trio of Swedes in 2003, exemplifies the anti-copyright argument that “information wants to be free.” The site indexes content hosted by others, providing links that its users can use to download movies, music, books and more — often in flagrant violation of information-sharing laws.

Amazon may run the world’s biggest online store today, but credit e Bay for popularizing the idea of an open marketplace for buyers and sellers.Amazon may be where we turn for paper towels, groceries and last minute holiday gifts, but it’s still e Bay people scan to find vintage or scarce items, from rare pairs of sneakers to sold out i Phones.Matt Drudge’s eponymous “Report” is most famous for breaking the Monica Lewinsky story, but the site rarely posts news of its own.Google’s relevance-based search algorithms eventually resonated more strongly with users, plunging Yahoo toward irrelevance as its raison d’être dwindled.But Yahoo’s core idea — that something should help Internet users cut through all the noise to find a bit of signal — remains an essential tenet of online information curation.