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21 Mar

Previous work has identified high temperature TL peaks (310˚C, 330˚C, 400˚C, between 410˚C and 420˚C) [3] [16] [17] . (2009) reported that high temperature source is responsible for the majority of IRSL signal [17] . (2012) reported difference in the dependence of the shape of the net IRSL decay curve on stimulation temperature for samples from different locations.

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The IRSL signal was measured at room temperature for 100 s. This was immediately followed by TL measurement at T of 500˚C with a heating rate of 5˚C/s.The TL signal is reduced by IR stimulation, and the longer the stimulation the more pronounced the effect.The dose response curves for both the TL and the IRSL showed a linear relationship for the doses considered in the study.Dose recovery test performed using the SAR method showed consistency with given dose for both TL and IRSL. Introduction Many natural minerals exhibit luminescence properties that are suitable for dating and dosimetry applications.Among the minerals with luminescence properties, quartz and feldspar are the most used ones.