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01 May

, the radical art movement founded by Malevich, which prizes colour above all else.Its release kicked off a revolution in the art world, inspiring abstract works that pose as many questions as they answer.

The detailed parquet, plush maroon furniture and elaborate gold adornments bring the splendour of the tsarist era to life."I think that's when I really thought about how I wanted to do something else and get away from all that." She rebelled against her traditional upbringing by turning her conservative clothing into revealing outfits, frequenting underground gay nightclubs and rejecting her religious background.But Madonna balanced this insubordinate side of her personality with a drive for perfectionism and high achievement.Madonna was born three years later, during a visit with family in Bay City.The third of six children, Madonna learned early on how to handle her role as the middle child, admitting that she was "the sissy of the family" who often used her feminine wiles to get her way.