Married dating in northlake illinois

15 Feb

My wife was worth every penny I spent on calls, travel or postage.

Can you tell I’m crazy about her or maybe just crazy?

I would love to give you the whole story of how I feel the Lord brought me and my soul mate together in an amazing tale; but you would have to write a book.

I can tell you, that I was not about to let her get away.

We wrote letters back and forth, I called her in the evenings and every weekend (There were no cell phones back then, just expensive long distance rates.

MCI must have loved me because I helped keep in business).

She rises above that kind of thing and has just never let it bother her.

Unfortunately I lost my mom before we got married; and she never got a chance to see her wonderful grandchildren whom I know she would have truly loved.I knew then, I knew my soul mate would be a beautiful black woman whose heart matched mine.Even though she was (still is) beautiful, I loved Although I knew I would marry a black woman, I didn’t really broadcast it.Well, first and foremost trust in the Lord Jesus Christ because he will guide you.Every relationship has challenges and ours really is no different.