09 Jan

If you need confirmation that the receiver received data, the method “radio.write” returns a “bool” value.

If it returns “true” , the data reached the receiver.

You can install the library in Arduino IDE using Sketch- This object represents a modem connected to the Arduino.


That’s why we used “&” before the variable name, so we can make an indicator from this variable.

While using modem you most remember that these digital pins won’t be available.

On the Arduino DUE, Yun and Leonardo SPI pins are on ICSP connector, and are independent of the digital pins. First program you probably know, we’ll make traditional “Hello World”.

If you have connected them to other pins can change this arguments. In this array we wrote the address of the modem, that will receive data from Arduino.

Address has value “00001”, but if you want you can change it to any other 5-letter string.