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11 Apr

Hoskins RA, Repo S, Barsky D, Andreoletti G, Moult J, Brenner SE. Reports from CAGI: The Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation.

Lareau LF, Inada M, Green RE, Wengrod JC, Brenner SE. Unproductive splicing of SR genes associated with highly conserved and ultraconserved DNA elements.

We are using RNA-Seq to explore the pervasiveness of NMD in numerous species, and to understand its behavior, finding that 20% of expressed human genes make isoforms targeted for degradation. Multisystem anomalies in severe combined immunodeficiency with mutant BCL11B.

As part of a mod ENCODE consortium, we discovered the repertoire of targets for alternative splicing in the fly, as well as unexpected relationships between the development of fly and worm.

Gene regulation by alternative splicing and nonsense-mediated m RNA decay. Newborn Sequencing In Genomic medicine and public Health.

Nonsense-mediated m RNA decay (NMD) is a cellular RNA surveillance system that recognizes transcripts with premature termination codons and degrades them.

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All conserved members of the SR family of splice regulators have an unproductive alternative m RNA isoform targeted for NMD. We are detailing the evolution of this gene-expression regulation mechanism, having initially discovered that the oldest known alternative splicing is for regulation, targetting transcripts for degradation. Prediction of protein function using Bayesian phylogenomics. Focused, reliable and actionable information to make smart and profitable business decisions...READ MORE Research America was established over 35 years ago with one goal in mind – to consistently and significantly disrupt industry practices for market research companies – and by doing so create the highest standard of excellence by which others should be judged. By outsourcing your market research efforts to a company that utilizes proven methods to gather valid data you will be able to identify potential markets, great products and target ideal customers, saving your company time and making you money.