Narcoleptic dating

16 Dec

Naturally, my Mother whisked me away for countless medical tests.She was determined to find the reason as to why my life halted.I just wanted to lose myself in doing something that I became enamored with.I had never thought that anything, anything under the sun, could tear me away from my passion.

Whether it was club swimming or high school swimming, I always wanted to go to practice, to feel the shock of the freezing cold water, to gossip and giggle with my best friends: my teammates.

The feeling of mind-numbing exhaustion, the constant fear of getting weak, the paralysis, and the hallucinations- never end.

After being diagnosed in March 2011, narcolepsy made my life a never ending race in the pool.

Anytime a sense of peace and consistency was reached, a sudden wave of exhaustion crashed into me, and the race to feel better started all over again.

Strangely, when I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, a feeling of relief came over me, I was finally going to break out of the fog and get my life back.