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24 Apr

Scientists have recently proven that males who do not wear underwear are more likely to experience extreme sexual dysfunction, crushing mental anguish, and unrelenting “ribbing” from their friends.Professor Pleaseputemon had this to say: “I am shocked that – in this day and age – anyone with a desire to lead a normal, fulfilling life would choose to parade around underwear-less.

So rather than point out the specific errors, I’m just going to use one chart and disprove the entire premise of assertion that guns are the cause of these deaths, then with the influx of millions of new guns and gun owners in the last few years the murder rate should have skyrocketed.In fact, let me just leave this here: Confiscation is a word that is so carefully avoided by the gun control activists in congress that you’d think it was choreographed.But make no mistake, while the word may be absent the meaning is very much there.Gun-related deaths are more likely when there are more guns?And there’s a direct correlation between gun ownership and gun-related fatalities?