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10 Feb

Deposits shall not be refundable where a Purchaser seeks to withdraw an Offer after Acceptance and where clause 37(b) does not apply or where a Purchaser otherwise fails to pay (howsoever arising) for a Vehicle.

a) any and all Fees which are payable by the Vendor to Manheim (whether in respect of the Vehicle to which the Purchase Price relates or in respect of any other services, products or Vehicles); b) any amount equivalent to a third party interest in the Vehicle where Manheim may have been informed that such interest needs to be settled in order to pass good title to the Vehicle to a Purchaser.These Conditions also set out Manheim’s rights and its duties to Vendors and Purchasers.Manheim shall, at its discretion, be entitled to amend and/or vary these Conditions from time to time.This is an important document which should be read carefully.All Vehicles sold and purchased will be governed by these Conditions (whether such Vehicles are sold at a physical or electronic auction or sold directly without being auctioned).