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09 Dec

The little noises and movements the ladies watching made were at first overwhelming, but soon were warming my loins.Katya's soft pink lips raised back up with a little bit of precum stretching and snapping off, before she stood with her hands on her hips to address the audience.

All of them wore tight little lingerie outfits with heels, and although they weren't uniform, they were all quite slutty and revealing.

She looked elegant, clean, with heavy makeup and a very recently waxed body.

She, like the rest of these ladies, didn't need makeup to look absolutely stunning, yet was dolled to a tee.

Cock worship is unpopular in his land." A couple girls giggled, or shook their heads in disbelief.

She turned around, and quietly asked me to 'pick one.' My breath caught deeply as I looked them over, and I took a few moments to gaze at them all before nodding to a pale, black haired, red lipped beauty in front.