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23 Mar

Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton, Antwon Tanner, Michael Copon, Lee Norris, Robert Buckley, Paul Johansson, Shantel Van Santen and Bethany Joy Lenz sent fans into a frenzy as they all posed for a group picture together. "We want to thank everyone for coming to our reunion.

You truly made it magical for the cast as well as the producing team who puts on this event." The stars shared a few photos of their own -- Murray posed with Tanner and Norris as Van Santen and Burton snapped a selfie together.

When it comes to finding his own leading lady or wife, Lafferty seems to be taking his own sweet time.

The One Tree Hill famed actor’s love life might be a hotter topic than his acting career.

Actress Shantel Van Santen, who portrayed Quinn James in One Tree Hill, became the next love interest of James. Rumor has it that James was in a relationship with actress Eve Hewson at the same time when he was dating Van Santen. Later in 2010, James and Eve started making public appearances but the actual date when the relationship started and ended is still quite confusing as some sources claim that they broke up in 2012 and other say it was in 2015. The lady killer has chosen to keep his relationship status a secret following four public break-ups.Fans may wish for a movie - but it was reported that Robert Buckey, who played Clay Evans in "One Tree Hill," said in an interview that the thought of a movie made him nervous.He seemed to think it could end up as a bad rep bringer and not worth risking. It was horrible,'" Chase Adams, the character who in real life is Stephen Colletti also felt the series was better on Tv and the idea of a movie was not something he was hankering for, saying, "It (the series) was so terrific ...And this week, four years after the show aired its final episode, many of the original stars are heading back to the place their characters called home. But the cast and crew are returning to their old stomping grounds of Wilmington, North Carolina, where the series was filmed, and that’s good enough for us.They’ll be in town for Inside OTH, a fan convention celebrating the series on July 23 and July 24.