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09 Dec

He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, so I don't know if he's still active. So bad that when I was asked to fill in the insurance form I put down "damsel in distress writer" as occupation. As for you guys arguing about that French tart, you remind me of girls fighting.

I ran pretty much his entire collection at the top of the site a few years back. (pic is by Zamboniman) (Love that moniker) Here one more from Stormrider from my file. ." I would suggest that MG4 return to its roots which was the use of electrotorture.

Usually if people see the damage to the skin, they realize what's going on and will stop.

Rubber bands to the foot sounds harmless to most people who have never experienced it.

Truly Sadistic: [ Ruthless Rack: [ If you want to find the clips on Clips4sale, the store name is "Tickle Abuse 2." JD: Many thanks for sharing Giallo a Venezia (1979) clip.

Anyone interested in watching Luna suffer should check out some of her tickle torture videos. I agree that most of them are, but now and then one features a lovely naked girl who is actually made to suffer....wiggling helplessly and screaming her head off. Luna is willing to go there, and sometimes she's even left crying at the end. Check out the sample clips on these pages featuring Luna and tell me they look lame...Why not vary the part of the body that receives pain?Begin the the soles, then thighs, ass, back, and breast?Of course, you would also have to find attractive models willing to have it done to them, but Mood Pictures continues to surprise me with the attractiveness of the girls that agree to be whipped like they are.Sales for ME3 are slightly down from the first two movies.