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12 Mar

Houston, the nation's fourth largest city, was told by its mayor not to evacuate and thousands were forced to seek higher ground due to the rising waters.Members of the 'Cajun Navy' have set out from Louisiana with their private boats to help the rescue efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey flooded parts of the state.

Turner added in a press conference: 'If you think the situation right now is bad, you give an order to evacuate, you are creating a nightmare.Two people reportedly died in Galveston on County Sunday. In addition, 35 boats and 93 dump trucks were being used by the city for high water rescues.There was another death but the location was not made clear. The mayor also defended his decision not to order an evacuation.'The decision that we made was a smart one. It was the right decision in terms of their safety... We did what was the right thing to do,' Turner said. Greg Abbott had trouble reaching Turner — despite repeated attempts — on Sunday.People frantically used Facebook to post photos of their dire situations and shared their location in hopes that they would be saved.One woman posted on behalf of her friend with five children who were stranded on a roof.