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27 Dec

Posing as an infertile couple, Mail on Sunday reporters visited BSC’s UK offices on a drab Essex business park, trying to discover what services the company provides for this extraordinary sum.

They met with the company’s vice-president, Reece Statham, and asked if he could specifically match them with a UK surrogate.

Baroness Warnock told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It seems pretty clear that they are breaking the law.

I think their motive is to get around the law and they should be investigated by the authorities on that basis alone.‘I would like to know the details of their financial profits and I think certainly the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority should investigate their activities.

He confirmed: ‘Yes, the majority of our surrogacies now are done in the UK rather than the US.’Later, he added: ‘We’re here from start to finish.

It’s the kind of profoundly emotional process which requires gold-standard treatment for all, whether they are couples living through the heartbreak of infertility or women who would like to help them.They have garnered headlines and magazine deals with each new baby and surprised no one when they left their home in Danbury, Essex, for a £2.1 million mansion in Princeton, New Jersey, with 15 acres of gardens, swimming pool and boating lake.Now estimated to be worth £38 million, a fortune built on medical testing companies, the couple lavish their four sons and one daughter with gifts – giving matching £110,000 Porsches to their oldest, twins Aspen and Saffron, on their 16th birthday.They made history in 2000 when they became the first same-sex parents to have a child through surrogacy in Britain.Their evangelism for the process and obvious delight at becoming fathers made them trailblazers within the LGBT community and also for straight couples unable to have children naturally.