Outlook display name not updating

09 Apr

The generator adds a placeholder value for the Tip There is currently an issue with the self-signed certificates generated by the Microsoft Office Project Generator which will cause browsers to report that the add-in site is not secure, and will block the add-in from loading in Outlook clients.This problem persists even after trusting the generated certificates.If it hasn't, then it will prompt the user when they invoke the add-in to configure before proceeding.Since the user could click either button first, we'll do this check in both cases.

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The source code in this repository is what you should end up with if you follow the steps outline here.This kind of button is referred to as a UI-less button.The goal for this button is to check if the add-in has been configured yet.It isn't necessary to open it for this tutorial, but feel free to open it if you're curious!Choose yes or no to complete the wizard and allow the generator to do its work.