Parent and dating

04 Jan

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In such cases, the parents may stop using the terms "stepparent" and "stepchild" and instead refer to the child simply as their son or daughter; depending on the child's degree of affinity for the adoptive parent and/or approval of the legal proceedings culminating in the child's adoption, the child may likewise drop the "step-" designation from his/her description of the relationship.

Even when all parties describe the relationship using the terms applied to biological and adoptive families, however, at least some of the emotional and psychological issues common to stepfamilies may persist.

A step-cousin is the son or daughter of someone's aunt's husband (uncle) or uncle's wife (aunt) who one is not biologically related.

If both members of the couple have prior children, those children are stepbrothers and stepsisters to one another.Words such as stepbrother, stepniece and stepparent appeared much later and do not have any particular connotation of bereavement.Corresponding words in other Germanic languages include: Old High German stiuf- and Old Norse stjúp-.Similarly, a stepbrother is the son of a stepparent whom one is not biologically related to.A stepsister is the daughter of a stepparent to whom one is not biologically related.