Play wii games that require system update without updating

02 Apr

We've raved about early launch games like Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros.U, showing that the big N still has the magic touch when it comes to making great play experiences.Nintendo is rolling out a new Wii U system update that adds Wii remote play - but there's a catch.Update 4.0.0 adds the ability to output video and sound to the Wii U Game Pad when using Wii Mode.

"Netflix will be great on Wii U," I'd tell friends, apparently talking right out of my ass.

I signed up for Nintendo Network, Nintendo's first (!

) ever attempt to create an account-based online service for its players.

Unfortunately, Nintendo is still lagging behind when it comes to creating what consumers are increasingly expecting out of their devices: a feature-rich, multimedia online experience.

Wii U, available in 0 and 0 configurations, has a bunch of these features – Netflix, a social network feed called Miiverse, a digital game shop – but all of them have distinct problems that make the user experience less fun than it should be.