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24 Feb

Select the playlists which you want to import or the "Entire Library", tap the button "Transfer".

The playlists and the music files with tag informations & album covers will be transfered to your i Poad at the same time, you don't worry worry about losing anything.

In this article are some tips to fix it when ipod won't sync with i Tunes: If you can't sync i Pod to i Tunes and you want to have an easier way to sync i Pod, you can also use a third party tool.

There is one that works like i Tunes and can do what i Tunes can't. Sync all your i OS file, such as music (purchased/downloaded), photos, playlists, movies, contacts, messages, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, i Tunes U and audio books from one i Device to i Tunes, your PC or any other i Device.

Apple's Podcasts app is no longer the worst app Apple ever made, as my colleague Rick Broida argued years ago.

Broida checked back with the app last year and discovered that, after a major overhaul, it was serviceable, which may be the nicest thing anyone's ever said about the Podcasts app. Like most phone users, I'm am fighting a war on two fronts.

You can also adjust this setting by tapping the gear icon above the Unplayed/Feed header for each podcast and turning on Delete Played Episodes.

If there's a newer version available, you ought to upgrade i Tunes to the newest one. If you have ever authorized the computer, you can first deauthorize this computer and authorize for a second time.

Change a USB cable Check the i Pod USB cable by plugging it off and plug it in the computer again. When you checked the first two methods, but ipod will not sync with i Tunes, you can try this method.

Instead, it grays out the episodes I haven't downloaded and makes me hunt through my podcast subscriptions on My Podcasts or the Unplayed list to find the few episodes that aren't grayed out.

Unless I downloaded recent episodes that sit at the top of the Unplayed list, a good deal of searching is required before I come across a downloaded episode.