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14 Dec

Though I’m going to be writing about these two games, Valkyria Chronicles is a game I think might actually get away with doing this war plus bonding theme, though good luck getting past some of those missions to even find out.

Fire Emblem might be a more obvious example as to why love strategy = ummm… In the game, characters bond when they assist each other in battle.

Fair warning, this isn’t going to get too deep, I just like to spark this idea up every once in a while.

At the first Lost Levels, I gave a talk about how there should be romance play in every game, and I still stand by that.

The bonding metaphor in Pokemon is both a little more obvious and hidden.

Throughout the series, a prevalent theme is the personal connection you have with the monsters you’ve forcibly captured to dogfight each other.

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But as I explored in Pokemon: Unchained, an experiment in using house rules to explore the clash between themes and actions in a previous generation of games, there is little that supports this bonding.Mostly that combat and bonding are so closely linked, and just the general wonderment of how much martial combat is involved with the narratives created for us to view bonding in.Which is weird, I guess there is some strange carry over of brother in arms and getting the girl sort of seeped into everything.Interactions between opposite gender teammates go from subtle flirting, to less subtle flirting, to marriage in three scenes.Bonding is very easily seen as a ‘mechanic’ in all senses of the word, like I was the bad guy from Catherine trying to match-make all the heteros and ensure life goes on.