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23 Jan

As someone who stands just under five feet, two inches, it's not difficult to meet a guy that surpasses me in terms of height.

Usually it's a comfortable difference — a few inches at most, with his chin resting comfortably on my head.

You’ll often look at your girl and wonder what thoughts whirl behind those pretty green eyes.

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You can expect lots of dancing at family parties, with Latin music blaring through the speakers.

We're missing the cherry on top, which at one time , a glam extravaganza with 56 dancers, 3 guest tappers, 4 singers and an onstage orchestra of 46. The news was shared online yesterday via the The inaugural choreographer in residence at Chicago's Harris Theater for Music and Dance has a lot of stretching to do.

Strictly Gershwin was called a "whopping success" after it opened at English National Ballet in 2008. In the first year of his three-year tenure, Brian Brooks has worked with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago's main company and pre-professional dancers; advanced students from the Chicago Academy for the Arts; with street percussionists The Chicago Bucket Boys; his own New York City–based ensemble; and teachers from Chicago Public Schools.

She’s going to want you to be able to somewhat keep up with her, so it’s time to pick those salsa classes back up.

Loyalty is valued by most people, but especially Latinas. We’re taught since birth to love wholeheartedly the way our parents love us and their parents loved them.