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23 Dec

Despite the country’s vast natural resources, 63% of the 75 million Congolese citizens were living below the poverty line of less than one dollar per day in 2012, according to the World Bank.In this context, the government of the DRC committed to implement the EITI to attract foreign direct investment to revive the mining sector and ensure that revenues are well managed for the benefit of all citizens.

The most important were the Kongo kingdom in the west and the Luba-Lunda states in the east.They developed elaborate political institutions, buttressed by symbolic kingship and military force.Power emanated from the capital to outlying areas through appointed chiefs or local clan heads.By 1884 the Association Internationale du Congo had signed treaties with 450 independent African entities and, on that basis, asserted its right to govern all the territory concerned as an independent state.Leopold’s thinly veiled colonial ambitions paved the way for the Berlin West Africa Conference (1884–85), which set the rules for colonial conquest and sanctioned his control of the Congo River basin area to be known as the Congo Free State (1885–1908).