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22 Dec

Every home game – including preseason, regular season, and playoffs – has been sold out ever since.

In 1998, Kraft considered moving the Patriots to Hartford Connecticut, based on an offer that the state of Connecticut would finance a new stadium in downtown Hartford.

The purchase prevented Patriots owner Billy Sullivan from holding non-Patriot events at Sullivan Stadium while races were being held.

In 1988, Kraft outbid several competitors, including Kiam, to buy the stadium out of bankruptcy court from Sullivan for million.

Ever since Orthwein had bought the team in 1992, there had been constant rumors that he wanted to move the Patriots to St. In 1994, Orthwein offered Kraft million to buy out the remainder of the team's lease at what was now Foxboro Stadium.

In 2007, Kraft began to develop the land around Gillette Stadium, creating a 5-million open-air shopping and entertainment center called Patriot Place.

When he and Kiam tried to move the team to Jacksonville, Kraft refused to let them break the lease.

As a result, when Kiam was nearly brought down by bad investments of his own, he was forced to sell the Patriots to James Orthwein.

At the time, it was the highest price ever paid for an NFL team.

Years later, Kraft said his passion for the Patriots led him to "break every one of my financial rules" in his pursuit of the team.