Ross dating janice

04 Apr

That voice is like if Fran Drescher decided to take it up a notch. Dated: Chandler Pros: She's a kinky professional! Cons: As nice as she is to Rachel, she's awful to her assistant Sophie. She can also dance, and she's willing to put up with Joey's living habits. Cons: But dating a roommate is always kind of a mixed bag.

Kathy may not have been a good match for Joey, but she was perfect for Chandler. Cons: She may have cheated, but probably not so much.She never made sense with Joey, but it was cute that he tried.She and Ross, on the other hand, were perfect for each other. But it's not like you'd turn down Greg Kinnear either. Again, it was nice to see him date an intellectual equal. Dated: Rachel Pros: He has a vulnerability that makes him sweet. I mean, he must if he hired her as his personal shopper. Cons: He's recently divorced which means Dated: Monica Pros: Kind, dapper, and a great provider. As if being Paul Rudd weren't enough, Mike evolves throughout his relationship with Phoebe, completely adapting to her crazy without losing himself in the process.