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02 Jan

Race to Truth: Blowing the whistle on Lance Armstrong and cycling's doping culture Raise Your Grade Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British Empire Rally Round the Flag: The American Civil War and its Legacy.

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One Blood One Up: A Woman in Action with the SAS Open Skies, Closed MInds Operation Damocles Operation Lightning Strike Operation M25: The First ‘Dambusters’ and the Race to Save Britain Operation Thunder Child Orca Rising Our Vinnie: Book 1 The Canterbury Warriors Trilogy Pacific Fury Pandemic 1918 Parliament Ltd:: A journey to the dark heart of British politics Patriot Traitors Paved with Gold Perfect Money Saving Persia in the Great Game: Sir Percy Sykes Pillaged How billions are being looted from our savings and pensions Pirate Pirate Hunter Playing the Game?

: The antibiotic crisis and how we’re going to solve it No Ordinary Woman: Rosa Bonheur, France’s Greatest Painter of Animals No Place for Nathan No Place to Call Home Nobody’s Son.

Not Honour More Notes from a Very Small Island Novel: Plan it, Write it, Sell it.

The Scottish Fashion Bible The Scottish Nation: 1700-2000 The Scourging Angel The Sea Devils : Britain’s Last and Most Daring Raid of World War II The Secret Lemonade Drinker The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde The Secret Ministry of Ag.

& Fish The Sherlock Effect The Silent Conspiracy The Silent Cry.