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03 May

EPISODE 5 - This series just keeps getting better and better ... Xiang Yu should have crushed Liu Bang, but at least now Lü Zhi is going to get what's coming to her. - From Liu Bang to Liu Bei, I've hated the entire "Liu" clan. one minute Zhou Ya Fu is all polite and shit and willing to do whatever Dou Yi Fang says ... Some sloppy writing here in an otherwise great story. Just a bunch of overrated, talentless, fake-ass jackoffs. EPISODE 19 - Okay, as great as this series, there is some seriously unrealistic shit going on here ... and then the next he's yelling at her and threatening her and shit ... EPISODE 20 - What in the flaming hell is going on??

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It's masterful storytelling, a suspenseful thriller from beginning to end, blessed with commendable acting thanks to its star-studded cast This series shows exactly why I like Yu Zheng as a producer (as a person, he's a little bastard) ... THESE are the stars that I WANT to see in my dramas ... not for everyone, as some people won't be able to handle it. Wang Li Kun is going to be portraying the grown-up version of this little girl?

Scheming concubines and palace intrigues come together in Schemes of a Beauty (a.k.a.

Mei Ren Xin Ji), the latest Chinese historical drama starring top talents from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong television.

way better than the losers Li Guoli likes to cast in HIS dramas. There's plenty of backstabbing and misdirection at every corner, you never know what to expect from this series. Wow, and here I thought Empress Wang Zhi was the same character as the one she's been playing ... - Okay, this is some twisted mother Fing shit right here ...

The entire series maintains a tense, suspenseful, creepy feel to it the entire time you're watching ... Just one of the many reasons why this is a vastly superior drama. EPISODE 28 - Some great acting here from Ruby Lin and Mickey He, or what? he doesn't have the balls to shout at Sammul Chan, so he yells at Ruby Lin instead ...