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14 Mar

At that time in the late '50s, the popular black acts around the city performed rhythm & blues with a Creole flavor – pianist Katie Webster, Rockin' Sidney, and the powerhouse group Cookie and the Cupcakes.

But Phil's tastes tended to big band music and ballad singers.

Soon afterwards, Baptiste went on a sojourn to Fresno, California.

Hearing that Sam Cooke, a former gospel singer, was in town, Baptiste went to his hotel and sang his song for him.

, he never enjoyed great financial rewards, or even much of a career in music from it.

In fact, despite his song's legendary status what you hold in your hands is, incredibly, the first ever legitimate Phil Phillips album.

A fellow bellhop heard the demo record and told Phil he had a million-dollar song.The meter man even told record store owner George Khoury about Baptiste and his song.The story intrigued Khoury so much that he paid Phil a visit.Phillips was born John Phillip Baptiste on March 14, 1931 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the port city on the Gulf of Mexico near Texas.Raised by his mother in a poor and strictly religious life, Phil grew up on gospel music.