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21 Dec

Patients must wait at least 2 hours before re-treating.Dose escalation should proceed in a stepwise manner (200 to 300 to 400 to 600 to 800 mcg) as needed.Actually, though, health experts say this flu season is pretty much on par with other severe seasons.

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-Discontinue all other extended-release opioids when beginning therapy.Maintenance dose: An effective dose is achieved when 1 unit is mostly sufficient to treat an episode of breakthrough pain; however, if there is inadequate analgesia a second dose of the same strength may be given 15 minutes after completion (30 minutes after start); no more than 2 doses should be used to treat any episode of breakthrough pain.Maximum dose: 4 breakthrough episodes per day at intervals of at least 4 hours Comments: The lozenge should be placed in mouth between cheek and lower gum and sucked; occasionally move from side to side using the handle; do not chew.Maximum dose: 4 episodes per day; 800 mcg per dose at intervals of at least 2 hours Comments: The sublingual tablet should be placed on the floor of the mouth and allowed to completely dissolve; do not eat or drink until the tablet is completely dissolved.-The initial dose of the sublingual tablet is always 100 mcg except in patients receiving the transmucosal lozenge - see dose adjustment section for initial dosing recommendations for these patients.