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27 Apr

In the testing framework Spectron, you can now audit each window and You can read more about this feature in Spectron's documentation.In Devtron, there is a new accessibility tab which will allow you to audit a page in your app, sort and filter the results.Electron application will enable accessibility automatically when it detects assistive technology (Windows) or Voice Over (mac OS).See Chrome's accessibility documentation for more details.By using , you can expose accessibility switch to users in the application preferences.User's system assistive utilities have priority over this setting and will override it.

The API uses the Windows Registry and LSSet Default Handler For URLScheme internally. Note: On mac OS, you can use this method to check if the app has been registered as the default protocol handler for a protocol. Any attempt to re-add a removed item to a custom category earlier than that will result in the entire custom category being omitted from the Jump List. This method makes your application a Single Instance Application - instead of allowing multiple instances of your app to run, this will ensure that only a single instance of your app is running, and other instances signal this instance and exit.

This event fires when assistive technologies, such as screen readers, are enabled or disabled. The is called for multiple times, multiple instances will be started after current instance exited. On Windows, focuses on the application's first window. It allows you to integrate your app deeper into the operating system.

An example of restarting current instance immediately and adding a new command line argument to the new instance: otherwise. Hides all application windows without minimizing them. Once registered, all links with will be opened with the current executable.

Electron is an open source library developed by Git Hub for building cross-platform desktop applications with HTML, CSS, and Java Script.

Electron accomplishes this by combining Chromium and into a single runtime and apps can be packaged for Mac, Windows, and Linux.