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30 Dec

I am so sorry that you're having such a bad time and hope that the two of you can sort this out. Yours sincerely Christine Webber, sex and relationships expert Can I convince her that I am not a pervert? He keeps on and on looking at porn on the Internet He prefers Internet porn to the real thing He watched porn while I slept He watches porn videos in secret He’s been having sex with prostitutes Her man seems to prefer ‘Internet’ sex His fetish is ruining our marriage Husband is into Internet porn and emotionally involved with someone else I caught him looking at porn on the Internet I’d like my partner to look at porn sites with me – not behind my back I found love-messages when I looked at my partner's email account ...

I have miscarried twice – and my husband is obsessed with porn My boyfriend has an online porn habit My ex-partner enjoys smacking my bottom My husband is hopelessly addicted to porn My man has spent lots of money on premium rate phone lines My partner is a transvestite Porn sites on my computer Support for transvestite guy There was gay porn on my boyfriend's PCThere were pictures of girls in their bikinis on my boyfriend’s computer Will my Internet relationship ‘go the distance'?

To have a healthy, happy sex life in marriage, we have to come with a healthy, holy perspective of the marriage bed. And you can listen while you work out, do laundry, drive to your next meeting, etc. Having written on this subject for years, we can all delve deep into the theological aspects of sexual intimacy in marriage. That might sound like cheesy marketing, but one effect I’d love to see from this podcast is for listeners to find their own circle of Christian wives to chat with about marriage and sexuality.

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I could simply say the four reasons to listen are the hosts of this podcast: Because it’s definitely a treat to get four marriage and sex bloggers all on the same podcast with our different perspectives and insight about subjects like sexual positions, the relationship of exercise and sex, female arousal, and more. It’s the airplane safety principle of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you can help others get on their oxygen masks. Our podcasts pack into about 30 minutes what it would probably take you a lot longer to read.

I bet you know some wife who doesn’t like to read blogs, but she would listen to a podcast.

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