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30 Dec

Hence he was a great persecutor, a strong vice-crusader, the best witch hunter...

It is useless to tell such a man to love his neighbour as himself; he hates so much of himself.

Wright was arrested, tried by jury and found guilty of one count of rape, one count of indecently dealing with a girl under 14, and four counts of indecently dealing with a girl under 16.

His victim had been aged 13 when the abuse, which occurring between 19, first began.

It is well known that child sexual abuse destroys many lives in this country, and around the world, but when that abuse leads to the death of a public hero, in later life, everyone sits up and takes notice.

Sadly, for Peter Jackson -- the rugby league star known to fans as the happy-go-lucky clown prince of the league -- he was never able to overcome the aftermath of the sexual abuse he experienced as a schoolboy at the Southport School on the Gold Coast in 19.

He hated the flesh in himself and he hated even more fiercely that flesh appearing as the vices of others.The untimely death of the star footballer-turned-media personality, from a heroin overdose at the age of 33 in November 1997, seemed unthinkable.After-all, Jacksons career had gone from strength to strength, playing nine Test matches for Australia, representing Queensland in the State Of Origin 17 times, playing for the Canberra Raiders, Brisbane Broncos and North Sydney Bears before embarking on a media career.This shows that, as a profession, the priesthood has lost its direction and has become a real danger to the community.The scale of this travesty is so great that only the highest level enquiry will get to the bottom of it.