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26 Mar

“Most people, I think, these days get their information via smart phone or a new technology,” Villanueva said.

“I’m not totally sure that this is an effective way to communicate a potential threat or a weather threat to the public.” Justin Garza, who works next to the siren, said he was scared the first time he heard it and often sees customers get startled when they first hear the siren. I honestly would not know what to do if it was an actual needed reason for going off. While the siren might be a source of controversy in Helotes, a few miles away in Boerne it is another story. It became so ingrained in city history, when it went offline several years ago, residents lobbied to get it back.

Earlier this year, the city of Helotes began daily testing of a siren on top of a public works building along Bandera Road. Place 1 City Councilman Edward Villanueva said the siren goes off daily at noon and disrupts businesses around it.

HELOTES, Texas - A repaired siren in a Northwest Bexar County town is raising alarms for a city leader who calls the emergency warning system archaic.“When it comes to teen violence, there is almost 50/50% (split between men and women).” Pelaéz can’t pinpoint the reason behind why the reported amount of male and female aggressors is nearly equal in teen relationships.Through her work at Family Violence Prevention Services, which offers residential and non-residential resources for victims in abusive relationships, she has observed a number of scenarios.Many adult and teenage perpetrators and victims alike have trouble identifying their own abusive relationship.“There is an array of emotions in a relationship between two people, all kinds of emotions, and it’s acceptable and understood,” said Marta Pelaéz, president and CEO of local nonprofit Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.