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07 May

In 2005, she decided to leave the Bar after more than a decade and moved from London back to Wales to spend more time with her daughter.

She went on to have another year-long relationship, but when she told her partner she was pregnant, he walked out within 15 minutes and never returned. Not ideal,” she says, with an air of careful understatement. Having been a single parent to one, I thought, I can be a single parent to two.” Throughout the pregnancy, mother and daughter bonded ever closer.

Personal tragedy has not deflected her from her desire to “make a difference”.

“After Sam died, I was offered sleeping pills and antidepressants, but I didn’t want to medicate myself, I wanted to be able to feel,” says Sandbach.

“When I finally arrived home, the police were there, bagging up my bed linen, Sam’s used nappies.

“They were courteous and respectful, but they had a job to do.

“He had such enormous, long feet, I just knew he would end up playing rugby for Wales,” laughs Sandbach.

“In those first few days and nights, I was alone with Sam and it was a very special, very happy time.” But then, five days after his birth, after Sacha had returned home to meet her little brother, Sandbach woke at 3am to find her new baby still and lifeless beside her in the bed.