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06 Mar

Users can still send and receive words that are marked as offensive.

But As Salibra points out, given that all data that passes through Tantan is easily viewable by anyone with a little tech-savvy, it’s probably best for users to be cautious.

A person had to be sexually well-behaved in order to get a promotion or advance in his or her career.

Reforms in the area of sexuality show a lessening amount of government control over individuals' private life.

The reduction in controls on sexual behavior has initiated a freer atmosphere for sexual expression.

Different apps might censor different words at any given time, using different methods.

Extramarital affairs were portrayed as a derogatory lifestyle, and pre-marital sex was immoral.

Homosexuality was illegal and would be punished under the statutes for hooliganism.

Many sex-related issues and personal lifestyles are no longer relegated to the field of politics and thus exempt from severe legal punishment or moral condemnation.

Sex has been returned to the personal sphere under the domain of self-management.